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About the journal

Slovo, Journal of the Old Church Slavonic Institute publishes scientific and professional articles on paleoslavistic topics, especially on the Croatian Church Slavonic language, the Croatian medieval literature and the Glagolitic heritage. It also publishes book and journal reviews, necrologies and news.

Year of publication of the first issue: 1952

Frequency (annually): 1

Scientific areas: Glagolitic paleography, Mediaeval Literature, Glagolitic heritage, Croatian Glagolitic heritage, Church Slavonic, Croatian Church Slavonic, Old Church Slavonic, Humanities, History, Languages, Theology, History of art

ISSN: 0583-6255
UDK: 808.101(05)
Publisher: Old Church Slavonic Institute
  Demetrova 11, HR-10000 Zagreb
  Fax +38514851377
Tel. +38514851380