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Instructions for Authors

Submitting articles

Slovo, Journal of the Old Church Slavonic Institute publishes scientific and professional articles on paleoslavistic topics, especially on the Croatian Church Slavonic language, the Croatian medieval literature and the Glagolitic heritage. It also publishes book and journal reviews, necrologies and news.

After creating your account (sign up), please sign in to the Slovo members area, please go the the "my articles" section and press the "add new article" button in order to submit your article. The article should be in Microsoft Word (6.0/95 or 2000) for Windows.


You can submit your paper in one of these languages: Croatian or any other Slavic language, English, German, Italian or French.

Colour, alignment, font, spacing

Text should be black, justified and written in Times New Roman, 12 pt font and 1,5 line spacing. Do not split words. Title is written in capital, bold, centre, author's first and last name and place comes bellow the title, centre, normal. Pictures may remain in colour. Fonts: Rounded and Square Glagolitic, Old Cyrillic and Greek may be downloaded from here. If you have some special characters not available in Word, please put in double brackets ((dz)) = i, ((oN)) = v. List them separately. If you use a special font, please attach it.


An article should have summary not bigger than 250 words. The summary and key words in the language of the article comes at the beginning and the summary in another language comes at the end of the article. If the language of the article is not Croatian, another summary should be in Croatian. The key words come after the summaries in the respective languages.


Footnotes should be used for explanation, clarification of the text and as a reference to additional literature. It should be 10 pt and 1,0 pt line spacing.

Tables and pictures

Tables and pictures should be numbered consecutively and each table and picture should include a title and a source in both languages.

References and citation rules

Citations in the text should be in a shorter form (name year: page).

Inside text: ... (HAMM 1958.b: 234) ... (RJEČNIK 2000: 9)

List of quoted references should be placed at the end of the paper according to this examples:

HAMM, J. 1974. Staroslavenska gramatika. Zagreb: Školska knjiga.

RJEĆNIK. 2000. Rječnik crkvenoslavenskoga jezika hrvatske redakcije, I. svezak: A - VRÊDЬ. Zagreb: Staroslavenski institut.

HAMM, J. 1958. Judita u hrvatskim glagoljskim brevijarima. Radovi Staroslavenskog instituta 3, 103-201.

BURIĆ, M.; M. ČUNČIĆ. 2005. Jasnoća i učenje trokutaste i okrugle glagoljice. Filologija 44, 1-28.

DÜRRIGL, M.-A.; M. MIHALJEVIĆ; F. VELČIĆ (ur.). 2004. Glagoljica i hrvatski glagolizam: Zbornik radova s međunarodnoga znanstvenog skupa povodom 100. obljetnice Staroslavenske akademije i 50. obljetnice Staroslavenskog instituta (Zagreb-Krk 2.-6. listopada 2002.). Zagreb-Krk: Staroslavenski institut i Krčka biskupija.

REFERENCES should be qouted as described below:

HAMM 1974: 145.

Vgl. HAMM 1958.b: 234.

Cf. HAMM 1958.b: 234.

Internet source (URL= web site (date of visit), e.g.:
URL= (October 18, 2006)


Please put your name and address of your working place (or affiliation) at the end of the article.